Impact Stories

Small Business. Big Impact. 

We are proud of our clients who add vibrancy to our communities while creating a pathway to prosperity for themselves, their families and their employees. 


At LiftFund 86% of our clients are entrepreneurs of color, 40% are women and 26% are startups contributing to the local economy and making a difference in their communities. 


Read about our clients’ entrepreneurial journey and get inspired by their passion, commitment and resiliency. 


Robert Borrego

Borrego Fine Jewelry

Robert Borrego enjoyed his successful 34-year long career as a certified jeweler and gemologist, but it was always his dream to open his own fine jewelry business. 

In planning for his future, he could see retirement soon, but he questioned what would he do after that. His adult children who are each already entrepreneurs encouraged him to open his own business with his wife, Amanda. With his family on his side, he …

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Rick Narpaul

Mach1 Services

At 3:00 am one morning, veteran Rick Narpaul had an idea that would change his life forever. His business, Mach1 Services, is a roadside assistance phone app that utilizes GPS technology to find the closest provider for any auto service. Customers pay through the app and receive assistance in less than 30 minutes. Narpaul describes it as “Uber technology meets Triple A Service.” Mach1 offers eight services, including the mo…

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Women Owned

Tawnya Dee Sanford

Little Engine Learning Center

If you ask Tawnya Dee Sanford what her secret is to running a successful business, she’ll tell you that she’s willing to give people a chance. After all, she wouldn’t be where she is today — as a person and as an entrepreneur — if it weren’t for the chances that people gave to her.

Tawnya was raised by hergrandmother in a low-income household in a little town in Oklahoma. When she moved to San Antonio in the early 1990s …

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Gilberto De Hoyos

Barrio Barista

Gilberto De Hoyos and his son, Gilbert De Hoyos Jr., are the duo behind Barrio Barista, a coffee shop in San Antonio’s West Side. As the name suggests, barrio means neighborhood in English, serving the community where they grew up and feel at home is one of the founding concepts of the café. According to the De Hoyos, “bonding with people is the key to success and coffee is the best way to do that.”

Barrio Barista is loc…

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Women Owned

Elizabeth Ciarfeo

Brick at Blue Star Arts Complex

The arts have always been at the center of Elizabeth Ciarfeo’s life. After receiving a business and arts degree from Trinity University and developing extensive experience in the arts sector, Elizabeth realized she could use her business acumen to help artists bring their ideas and concepts to life. However, it was not until she was responsible for producing a nonprofit event for the Artist Foundation that her true calling,…

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Dr. Andre Xavier Smith

Eastside Christian Dental Clinic

Dr. Andre Smith grew up in a low-income neighborhood in Baltimore, Maryland. His mother passed away when he was only 10 years old, leaving behind a family of nine children. Due to hardship in the area, Smith says that crime was one of the most appealing routes in his community; however, he chose a different path by joining the military.

After 24 long years of serving his country,Smith looked around his San Antoniocommuni…

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