Monika Alvarez

Monika Alvarez spent 20 years working in corporate America as a sales director where she dreamed of starting her own business. “I loved my job, but at the end of the day, I wanted to be my own boss and find ways to help other women with the same entrepreneurial spirit,” Monika said.  

With the motivation and passion to branch out on her own, in December 2016, Monika launched Club 6 Dígitos, a business development and coaching firm headquartered in Mission, Texas that helps Spanish-speaking women entrepreneurs reach their full potential. “Women are great small business owners, but often, they don’t have the support to reach six-figure revenues. That is the inspiration behind the name – helping women business owners generate six-figure earnings to succeed over the long-term.” 

Using her experience in sales and marketing, Monika has guided hundreds of women in launching and scaling businesses, helping them tap into their full potential and become leaders in their respective industries, but it wasn’t always easy. “Going from the stability of a full-time salary to only making $12,000 in my first year of business was very difficult. After this, I decided to seek out guidance from experts and mentors to get where I wanted to be,” she recalls.  

That is when Monika was introduced to LiftFund’s South Texas team at a local finance seminar where LiftFund Business Advisor, Marlene Rodriguez, was a speaker. Marlene and Monika quickly connected, and Marlene shared information about LiftFund’s loan process and other financial management resources and tools. “Marlene guided me through several different classes and workshops where I learned about business taxes, reducing debt, and other financial management strategies. She was incredibly helpful to me as a new business owner,” she says. 

Now in her sixth year of business, Monika continues to help aspiring women business owners throughout Mexico, Spain, and the U.S. and has plans to expand her coaching services in Europe. “My goal is to serve 10,000 women entrepreneurs over the next 10 years. It’s a lofty goal, but with my team and my commitment to empowering women, I know I can achieve it.”