Rooster Crow Baking Co., Jennifer Riesman

Rooster Crow Baking Co. is an indie bakery based in San Antonio, Texas, that has made its mark in the local culinary landscape with unique and delectable creations. Lead by owner and baker, Jennifer Riesman, the bakery specializes in quirky pies, custom cakes, kolaches and more, offering a delightful array of treats that cater to the diverse tastes of its customers. 

Before launching Rooster Crow Baking Co., Jennifer Riesman, a seasoned pastry chef with 17 years of professional baking experience, had worked in various boutique hotels and establishments. Her expertise and passion for baking led her to San Antonio, where she played a vital role in the opening of a prestigious hotel as the executive pastry chef. However, the desire to break free from the hospitality industry fueled her aspiration to start her own business. 

The decision to establish Rooster Crow Baking Co. was driven by both personal and professional motivations. Rooster Crow Baking Co. presented an opportunity for Jennifer to pursue her passion independently. Moreover, Ms. Riesman, having witnessed the mistreatment, underpayment, and gender disparities prevalent in the culinary world, was determined to create a safe and nurturing space for herself and her employees. She aimed to break free from the adverse cycle, providing a supportive environment where her team could thrive and feel valued. 

In 2019, Jennifer launched Rooster Crow Baking Co. While passion and culinary skills were abundant, financial constraints posed a significant hurdle for Rooster Crow Baking Co. as the business was in its early years of operation. The search for a suitable loan on favorable terms proved challenging. However, Jennifer’s connection with Ryan Salts and LaunchSA – having utilized the small business center’s resources in the past – connected her to LiftFund. Through the support and guidance of LiftFund, Jennifer secured a City of San Antonio funded loan with 0% interest, enabling the bakery to take the next vital steps. 

“Getting the loan with realistic terms – that bought me my freedom as a business owner. [The loan] was the financial boost I needed to get the structure to continue my business.” 

With the loan funds, the bakery was able to move forward with the establishment of its own brick-and-mortar location to offer a dedicated space for creativity and culinary delights and, ultimately, empowered Jennifer to shape her business according to her vision. 

The future of Rooster Crow Baking Co. shines bright with Jennifer Riesman’s vision of continued growth and positive impact. She maintains an open mindset, hopeful for expansion through new locations and adaption to industry trends and innovations. Beyond providing delectable treats and adapting alongside the industry Jennifer aims to be a catalyst for change in the culinary industry, fostering a culture of fairness, respect, and empowerment. 

“Of course, I hope to expand, I want other bakeries… but its also important for me to remain open minded and determined and be ready to do whatever needs to be done to move [the bakery] forward. Ultimately, my vision is that it’s a successful company, that I’m able to financially take care of myself and take care of the staff that works for me.”