Impact Stories

Small Business. Big Impact. 

We are proud of our clients who add vibrancy to our communities while creating a pathway to prosperity for themselves, their families and their employees. 


At LiftFund 86% of our clients are entrepreneurs of color, 40% are women and 26% are startups contributing to the local economy and making a difference in their communities. 


Read about our clients’ entrepreneurial journey and get inspired by their passion, commitment and resiliency. 


La Juana Chambers Lawson

Tacit Growth Strategies

Before she became La Juana the “PMO CEO” Chambers Lawson, La Juana began her career by interning on Capital Hill, grant writing for several non-profits and even teaching AP Biology.

It was her position at a local school district as the District Grant Administrator that brought her closer to her path of entrepreneurship. La Juana was used to managing grants for the district as part of a larger team, but after new leaders…

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Rahel Abraham


When Hurricane Harvey hit in 2017, Rahel Abraham lost her vehicle. Shortly after, she left her job – leaving her “starting from scratch,” with something she calls “a blessing in disguise.” “I was in my home and my vehicle was flooded during Hurricane Harvey. I could not evacuate because the street level was lower than the actual home. During that time, I had a very helpless feeling and did not want to be in that situation a…

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Acquria Denise King, Jo Jo (Young CEO)

Jo Jo’s Closet

 After years of seeing her parents own and operate their small businesses, Jordan, at the aspiring young age of six, had the drive to become a successful entrepreneur herself. Not long ago, Jordan approached her mother, Acquria Denise King, with an idea to sell clothes and toys. Unquestionably, King embraced the dream and together, in February 2022, they created Jo Jo’s Closet. 

A disabled veteran, Acquria drea…

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Kemah N. Duopo

Harmon Polish

Kemah began her journey when she moved from Minneapolis, Minnesota to Los Angeles, California. She felt she could not reach her full potential in her hometown and aimed to gain more opportunities. Instead, the big change led to new challenges and in 2018, she got laid off. However, that would soon turn into a blessing.

Even though Kemah was struggling, she still had the opportunity to get her nails done, which had been …

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Unoma Okorafor

Herbal Goodness

Unoma Okorafor is the founder and CEO of Herbal Goodness, a manufacturer of premium quality organic superfood and herb products in the form of dietary supplements, herbal teas, and powders that naturally support healthy living. 

Okorafor was inspired to start Herbal Goodness in 2013. As a native of West Africa, she’d grown up eating fresh, organic fruits such as mangoes and papayas daily, but during her pregnancy fo…

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