Our Impact

  • Pauline Herrera

    Liftfund helps create jobs. For every new business Liftfund lends to, 1.6 jobs are created or sustained.

  • Shreveport - Thomas Goode

    Liftfund’s goal? Self-sufficiency and success for all who want it.

  • Austin - April Kilng

    Expanding opportunity. Liftfund’s small business loans strengthen communities.

  • Tennessee - GavinONeill

    Liftfund builds pathways to success.

  • Brownsville - Jose Hernandez

    Big numbers, big impact. Since 1994: 17,404 loans made more than $210 million disbursed.

LiftFund Success Model


Meaningful and Measurable Impact

Organizations like ours have made a real difference at the most local level AND in terms of a meaningful and measurable national impact.

  • Clients realize 74% success rate; compared to 30% survival overall
  • Borrowers experience 72.9% sales growth; compared to 41% for non-borrowers
  • After three loans, LiftFund entrepreneurs increase take home income by 44%
  • On average, LiftFund has a 96% repayment success rate
  • On average, every $50,000 loaned creates six jobs