Our Why

Last week, I met Sheret James, owner of Ross Transports, during a loan closing in Dallas and was reminded why we do the work we do at LiftFund. We believe that entrepreneurship is a viable and empowering pathway to economic prosperity. 

Sheret came to LiftFund through a partnership with BBVA and our Women’s Business Center to learn about financial management. She connected with Yolie, our loan officer, and discussed her desire to add assets to her firm so she could grow it. Last week, we did just that.

Like most small business owners, Sheret is building a legacy and improving her family’s financial position, creating local jobs and investing back into her community by supporting other local businesses.

Thousands of small business owners wake up to opportunities, but many more wake up to barriers: lack of access to funding and financial education make it challenging to compete with large, national chains despite the fact that small businesses, vs. national corporations, fuel our local economies.  It is why we are helping entrepreneurs in 13 states build strong businesses, generate wealth and experience financial mobility in a world of big business.

At LiftFund, we celebrate small businesses every day! Our vision to level the financial playing field comes in many forms – but the overarching goal is to remove barriers for entrepreneurs who are left out of the financial main stream and exposed to predatory practices to not just survive but thrive.

If backing the Sherets of the world lights a fire in your belly and makes you proud to support emerging, local, small business owners, we want you to join our movement. It might be hard to imagine how one person, like you, can help people like Sheret grow, but you have an opportunity to fight disparity and the growing economic gap. We can invest in their drive and passion to become leaders in their industry, in their families and in their neighborhoods.

Joining our movement could mean donating $5 a month or $1,000 a year. It could mean visiting and hiring LiftFund clients for your needs. It could mean volunteering, mentoring, or sharing our work and impact.

When you donate to LiftFund, you are affirming that you believe in your favorite small business owners. Your donation allows us to provide free business training, access to affordable loans to clients who were deemed unbankable by traditional financial sources and revitalize communities through small business growth.

Our “Why” is Sheret’s passion, experience, and willingness to step up for herself. What’s yours?