We Believe In Small Businesses

Richard Branson stated “A big business starts small.” You have heard the stories of Jeff Bezos starting Amazon in his garage or Bill Gates working in his dorm room. Branson, Bezos and Gates all started their businesses with a dream, a dream to create something just like Larissa who started selling gluten-free treats in her home kitchen, or Rosario (pictured above) whose passion for crafts and flowers grew from a hobby to a business. However unlike Branson, Gates and Bezos, small business owners in our communities are often left behind in their pathway to entrepreneurship.

That’s where we step in, and you can too. The Rosarios and Larissas of the world need champions. Champions that will back them up with funding and with sales. Supporting local businesses gives you the opportunity to decide just how deep you want to support an entrepreneur and we encourage you to go beyond just purchases.

For every $1 we lend to a small business owner, there is a $14 positive economic impact.

We can’t do this work alone and rely on our champions’ partnerships, donations and investments to provide the funding and services that our clients are often unable to access by traditional banks. We are here to make sure small businesses prosper, and we need your help to make sure that we succeed in doing that.

There are several ways you can become a champion and join our movement!

You can follow us on social media @LiftFundUS and like and share our stories, attend LiftFund events in your area, introduce the small businesses you support to LiftFund and donate to support our mission.

With a little support and funding, who knows which small business owner will become the next Bezos or Gates? Every dollar counts and your donation helps entrepreneurs’ dreams become a reality. Join our movement today!