WeCleanTX, Osman Abreu

Weclean Auto Detailing and Home Services is a San Antonio-based mobile cleaning business that offers a range of cleaning services for both residential and commercial clients. The company was established in 2020 by Osman Abreu who relocated to San Antonio, Texas, from Venezuela just one year prior. Upon his relocation, Mr. Abreu secured work at a local car dealership. Inspired by his experience working at the dealership’s car wash, Mr. Abreu envisioned a mobile cleaning service that would bring convenience right to people’s doorsteps. Thus, Weclean was established. With a commitment to providing top-notch cleaning solutions, Weclean has quickly gained a credible reputation for their exceptional service.

During the initial stages of launching his business, Osman’s engineering background came to the forefront as he purchased a commercial vehicle and transformed it into a mobile cleaning powerhouse. Mr. Abreu drew on his engineering skills to add a water tank, electrical enhancements for vacuums, and other features to the commercial vehicle, equipping it to offer a wide range of top-quality mobile cleaning services. 

Weclean launched with organic promotional efforts, wherein Osman and his family utilized the power of social media to spread the word about Weclean’s exceptional services. Initially specializing in vehicle cleaning and detailing, Osman recognized the opportunity to expand his business to include home and office cleaning services. Equipped with all the necessary gear to serve commercial clients, the company swiftly adapted to meet the diverse needs of their growing clientele beyond residential clients. 

Amidst the post-pandemic slowdown, when businesses were grappling with uncertainty, Osman learned about LiftFund through a TV commercial. He contacted LiftFund for support with his visions of business expansion. Weclean received a loan at 0% interest through the City of San Antonio Interest Buy Down program. 

With the financial support from LiftFund and the City of San Antonio, Weclean flourished. The zero percent business loan became a catalyst for progress, enabling Osman to make crucial investments in his company’s development. The funds were used to purchase uniforms for his staff, enhance existing cleaning equipment, acquire new tools, and bolster marketing and promotional efforts. These strategic investments allowed Weclean to reach new clients and maintain a vital stream of business during a challenging period. 

Encouraged by their success, and fit to expand their offerings, Weclean extended their services to local car dealerships, capturing a new market segment of clients for their car cleaning services. 

Looking ahead, Osman envisions establishing partnerships with popular vehicle manufacturers to position his company as their official car cleaning and detailing servicer. Such collaborations would unlock unparalleled growth opportunities and propel Weclean towards its long-term vision. 

Through perseverance, dedication, and the support of LiftFund and the City of San Antonio, Weclean has thrived, becoming a trusted name in the local cleaning industry. With eyes set on the horizon, Weclean continues to expand, delivering exceptional cleaning services and shaping a brighter future for their clients in the San Antonio community.