Stephanie Garza

Stephanie loved animals and took steps to become a veterinarian, but ultimately felt a calling to serve animals differently – through education.   

She became a certified trainer, began teaching puppy classes, and taught private and group classes before taking a leap of faith and opening Pup Pup & Away. Her business offers daily dog walking services, in-home pet sitting, group classes and private training sessions focused on basic obedience and socialization techniques.  

Once Stephanie got started, her vision for her business grew. She dreamed of creating a one-stop-shop for pet services and resources, but realized she needed support. A friend referred her to LiftFund’s Women’s Business Center. She joined the Women’s Business Acceleration program and connected with mentors who helped her enhance her business operations and processes, hire her first two employees, and position the business for growth. 

Equipped with increased knowledge, Stephanie received a LiftFund loan to expand her business to a commercial facility and hire more employees to offer additional services like doggy boarding and daycare,  becoming the pet resource hub she envisioned. 

“I have been truly blessed, and I am thankful for everything that LiftFund and the Women’s Business Center have done to help small businesses like myself, because it’s hard when there’s no one else to lean on,” she said. “I wouldn’t have gotten to where I am without them.”