Susan Janeth Gomez-Maldonado

Growing up in a small Mexican border town, Susan found inspiration in her community’s rich art traditions and beauty. When her father’s business led them to new opportunities and a home in the United States, Susan decided she would run her own business someday.

After earning a college degree and holding several business positions, Susan felt ready to launch a new venture. She decided to open a company that would help tourists and locals connect with authentic and colorful Mexican products, support Indigenous women artisans, and sell Fiesta-friendly goods for a reasonable price. 

Susan used her personal resources to open Fiesta Couture, but soon realized that the future of her business depended on her ability to build a strong credit history. After being rejected by several local lenders, Credit Human advised her to reach out to LiftFund. Through the City of San Antonio’s Buydown Program, a partnership with the City of San Antonio and LiftFund, Susan was able to secure a loan to purchase new inventory and provide cash flow for upcoming business costs. 

When COVID-19 suddenly forced Fiesta Couture to close its doors in March, Susan quickly pivoted the business to launch a new line of handmade, colorful Mexican face masks. Due to the increased demand for face coverings, her business experienced a significant increase in revenue. 

As Susan continues to navigate through the pandemic, she remains hopeful for new opportunities and growth. Her goal is to own a stand-alone building to features artisan Mexican dresses, jewelry, and home décor, with the ultimate goal of opening multiple locations throughout the state and across the country.  

“If you’re planning on becoming a small business owner: hold tight because it’s a ride — mentally, emotionally, and financially — in every sense of the word. But if it’s something you really want to do, just jump in. Don’t think twice. There’s always time to figure out how to do it,” said Susan.