Pegy Charlet Brimhall

After years of working for other architecture firms and real estate developers, Pegy was ready to create and build projects that truly mattered to her. Drawing on her professional experiences and unique skills, she launched Figurd, a design integrated real estate development company. 

At Figurd, Pegy continually looks to improve her community through urban infill development. She begins by diligently identifying vacant lots or inadequate housing and designing projects, running feasibility studies and working with investors to fund and build new homes for local families in urban districts. 

When the COVID-19 pandemic reached San Antonio, Figurd and all new client projects were forced to shut down for two months. She approached several local banks for financial assistance but they turned her down. Through the City of San Antonio’s Buydown Program, a partnership with the City of San Antonio and LiftFund, Pegy was approved for a loan that provided her with working capital and allowed her to develop a new operations budget for the next few months. “Rather than worrying about the bill next week, I was able to move the bill to the next quarter, and that was a relief,” shared Pegy.  

While several of Pegy’s long-term projects have since resumed, she estimates that the business is currently earning a fraction of the total revenue earned in 2019. Despite it, Pegy remains optimistic about the future and continues to work towards her business goals. Within the next five years, she hopes to reach and surpass $1 million in revenue and grow her team by hiring more employees. 

She credits her support system, which includes her family and LiftFund, with helping her get through this challenging time. “It takes a village and sometimes more than that to get a business off the ground and stay off the ground. Getting that support is important for an entrepreneur,” said Pegy.