Nancy Brewington

Nancy’s entrepreneur journey was never actually about the business, but helping others. This is what prompted the 20-year U.S. Military veteran to open her own business, Hands N Harmony Wellness Center. Through her business, Nancy finally felt like she could help people in her own community in very simple ways, such as stressing the importance of self-care and making sure her clients are well-informed about their health.

Seeking capital to start her business, Nancy was referred to LiftFund by the Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC). This was one of her first obstacles faced in business; she was not ready for a loan at the time. Instead, Nancy was connected to LiftFund’s Women’s Business Center and began attending workshops and receiving one-on-one advising. 

She also participated in LiftFund’s business accelerator for veterans, the Women Veteran Entrepreneur Training program (WVET), which gave Nancy a better understanding of all the complexities of managing a business. Equipped with increased knowledge and experience, Nancy was successful at securing a LiftFund loan to help expand the business. Her loan was possible thanks through The Hartford’s Communities with HART Program, a partnership between LiftFund and The Hartford. 

Nancy knows that her services are needed and appreciated in her community, which fuels her optimism and motivation to continue growing her business. She hopes to find ways to make her services more accessible to other veterans, in addition to her existing veteran promotions and discounts. 

Nancy’s goal is to have five wellness centers in San Antonio, targeting clients that primarily reside in economically disadvantaged areas. To Nancy, business growth is not just about making money, it is about “building a healthy community one person, one family, and one business at a time.”