Impact Stories

Small Business. Big Impact. 

We are proud of our clients who add vibrancy to our communities while creating a pathway to prosperity for themselves, their families and their employees. 


At LiftFund 86% of our clients are entrepreneurs of color, 40% are women and 26% are startups contributing to the local economy and making a difference in their communities. 


Read about our clients’ entrepreneurial journey and get inspired by their passion, commitment and resiliency. 

A Skier’s Game-Changer: The Clutter Basket Story  

Clutter Baskets

Meet Kenneth Mann, a former Air Force officer turned entrepreneur from Colorado, on a mission to revolutionize the skiing experience in lodges across the US and beyond. As an avid skier, he noticed a common hassle during his visits to ski resorts – tables overflowing with helmets, goggles, and gloves, leaving diners with little space to enjoy their meals.  

Kenneth’s entrepreneurial journey began in 2020 when h…

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Jessica Gonzalez Zimbron and Pablo Zimbron, Business Owners - XUGUZ LLC
Minority Owned

XUGUZ, Jessica Gonzalez Zimbron


At the forefront of the virtual tour industry, XUGUZ uses cutting-edge 3D and 360-degree services, to provide an immersive and interactive experience for clients, enabling them to showcase their spaces in a visually captivating manner. Founded in 2015, XUGUZ started as a service for businesses to create 3D tours of their establishments, mainly for Google Streetview and mapping purposes. Over time, their services expanded to…

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Elisa Trevino and Michael Grimes, Business Owners - The Beignet Stand
Minority Owned

The Beignet Stand, Elisa Trevino

The Beignet Stand

The Beignet Stand has become a San Antonio favorite, known for its delectable New Orleans-inspired treats. From classic powdered sugar beignets to innovative creations like their beignet fried chicken sandwich, The Beignet Stand offers a range of flavors to satisfy every palate. The business, which operates under the umbrella of Southern Grit Flavor, was started by Elisa Trevino and Michael Grimes, a passionate and talented…

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Heather O’Neill, Business Owner - Sweat Equity
Women Owned

Sweat Equity, Heather O’Neill

Sweat Equity

Founded by fitness and wellness guru, Heather O’Neill, Sweat Equity sets itself apart in a growing industry through its vision of being a “health and wellness amusement park.” The unique sauna studio offers a diverse range of services, including full-spectrum infrared modalities, cryotherapy, contrast therapies, somadome  meditation pods, and IV vitamin infusions. The journey of Sweat Equity has included major challenges, a…

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Jennifer Riesman, Business Owner - Rooster Crow Baking Co.
Women Owned

Rooster Crow Baking Co., Jennifer Riesman

Rooster Crow Baking Co.

Rooster Crow Baking Co. is an indie bakery based in San Antonio, Texas, that has made its mark in the local culinary landscape with unique and delectable creations. Lead by owner and baker, Jennifer Riesman, the bakery specializes in quirky pies, custom cakes, kolaches and more, offering a delightful array of treats that cater to the diverse tastes of its customers. 

Before launching Rooster Crow Baking Co., Jennife…

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Osman Abreu, Business Owner, WeCleanTX
Minority Owned

WeCleanTX, Osman Abreu


Weclean Auto Detailing and Home Services is a San Antonio-based mobile cleaning business that offers a range of cleaning services for both residential and commercial clients. The company was established in 2020 by Osman Abreu who relocated to San Antonio, Texas, from Venezuela just one year prior. Upon his relocation, Mr. Abreu secured work at a local car dealership. Inspired by his experience working at the dealership’s ca…

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