A Skier’s Game-Changer: The Clutter Basket Story  

Meet Kenneth Mann, a former Air Force officer turned entrepreneur from Colorado, on a mission to revolutionize the skiing experience in lodges across the US and beyond. As an avid skier, he noticed a common hassle during his visits to ski resorts – tables overflowing with helmets, goggles, and gloves, leaving diners with little space to enjoy their meals.  

Kenneth’s entrepreneurial journey began in 2020 when he started his business, Clutter Baskets, in Central Florida. His product offers a storage system that attaches to tables where skiers can place their gear while dining.  

Starting a business during COVID-19 wasn’t easy; he faced financial challenges while promoting his product. That’s when LiftFund stepped in to lend a helping hand.  

“I realized I needed funds to keep the business going. I approached banks, but it was through the Small Business Administration that I found LiftFund. Their support has been crucial in keeping the momentum,” says Kenneth.  

With LiftFund’s financial backing, Kenneth could keep making the Clutter Baskets and attend important trade shows to showcase his invention. The funds not only covered production costs but also supported marketing efforts to reach a wider audience. 

“I updated my website and placed demo baskets in lodges across different states. LiftFund’s support came just in time, letting me show the Clutter Basket’s effectiveness in real lodge situations,” Kenneth notes. 

Despite the challenges, Kenneth is hopeful about the future. With more baskets finding their way into lodges, he believes the Clutter Basket will become a must-have in ski resorts worldwide. 

Looking ahead, Kenneth dreams of a future where the Clutter Basket isn’t just handy but expected by skiers everywhere. His dedication to creating a seamless and enjoyable experience for winter sports lovers embodies the true spirit of entrepreneurship – spotting challenges and crafting innovative solutions. 

The Clutter Baskets stands as proof of the impact one person can have in transforming an industry, one ski lodge at a time. With LiftFund’s support, Kenneth is ready to take his invention to new heights, turning crowded ski lodge tables into a thing of the past.