XUGUZ, Jessica Gonzalez Zimbron

At the forefront of the virtual tour industry, XUGUZ uses cutting-edge 3D and 360-degree services, to provide an immersive and interactive experience for clients, enabling them to showcase their spaces in a visually captivating manner. Founded in 2015, XUGUZ started as a service for businesses to create 3D tours of their establishments, mainly for Google Streetview and mapping purposes. Over time, their services expanded to serve a wide range of clients in industries such as real estate, construction, and various businesses that require virtual representations. The company’s offerings include creating 3D models of interiors, providing floor plans, and capturing detailed imagery through advanced technology.

The brains behind XUGUZ are a dynamic couple, Jessica Gonzalez Zimbron and Pablo Zimbron, who relocated from Mexico to the United States. Prior to starting their business, they worked in advertising. In 2009, the couple initiated the concept of creating 3D tours for businesses in Mexico and years later they helped pioneer Google’s, then new, Streetview feature to help businesses in Mexico launch their own Google Streetview content. Inspired by their success in Mexico and the potential of 3D tours in their new home – San Antonio, Texas – they embarked on the next chapter of their entrepreneurial journey. 

One of the main obstacles the owners faced was the limited awareness of 3D tours among the general public. Despite the rapid advancements in technology, many people remained unfamiliar with the concept and its potential applications. However, XUGUZ persisted in their efforts to educate and create awareness among potential clients, such as real estate agents, construction companies, and businesses in need of virtual representation. Additionally, the rapidly evolving nature of the industry meant that XUGUZ had to continually adapt and upgrade their equipment and techniques to stay at the forefront of the field. 

“The technology is always changing, and we’re trying to keep up with it, getting the new cameras, getting the newer technology so we can serve our clients” shared Mrs. Zimbron.  

Jessica and Pablo were introduced to LiftFund through the UTSA Business Development Center. The Center became a valuable resource and connector for XUGUZ, facilitating beneficial connections and projects. The introduction to LiftFund proved to be a turning point in sustaining their business during seasonal downturns. 

XUGUZ received a funding through a partnership with LiftFund and the City of San Antonio that helped the business weather a slow business season of uncertainty. The loan provided them with stability and the opportunity to focus on growing their business with new systems and contractor positions. 

“During this slow season, we used the loan funds to start a project to automate our processes, so that way clients can book faster. We were able to implement a software and contract new positions to help with this [improvement].” 

Looking ahead, the owners of XUGUZ have big plans for their business. Their primary goal is to further automate their operations, allowing clients to book services seamlessly and providing subcontracted opportunities to other individuals. They envision growing their team of subcontractors in San Antonio and Austin, enabling them to expand their reach and offer their innovative services to a wider client base. 

“In the next five years we hope to be more automated and have at least 10 subcontracted people here in San Antonio and Austin, so that we can deliver this product to whoever needs it,” shared Jessica.