Big Hops: Taps into Local Beer Demand, Grows with LiftFund

When Rob Martindale left his well-paying, unsatisfying career to pursue his passion for Texas craft beers, he had one goal in mind.

“I wanted to wake up every morning, ready to have fun at work,” he said.

Rob opened Big Hops – a bar dedicated to celebrating and elevating local breweries — but he realized there a growing demand for a fun, accessible space to experience and enjoy great beer.

“We were doing what no one else in San Antonio was,” Rob said, and people were lining out the door to discover and experience the unique drinks Big Hops had to offer. The bar’s popularity quickly grew and expanded to several locations.

In 2016, Rob decided to move one of his bars to a new location, but he needed help. He visited LiftFund, where he secured a loan needed to cover the new bar’s construction and inventory. Rob has since opened an additional location, and is creating a Big Hops franchise that can be developed by entrepreneurs throughout the state.

“It’s still a challenge to spread the gospel of beer, but we are up for it,” he said. “We are fortunate to be a part of something bigger than ourselves.”

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