Artist Expands Studio Through LiftFund’s Art Tank Program

Eric Breish found success in a number of careers, from his work at creative firms to his time as a corporate risk analyst, but he always knew his true passion was in art. 

Eric worked in the corporate world for nearly a decade— devoting his nights and weekends to his art—before he decided to become a full-time artist in 2015.

Three the Hard Way |Eric Breish – Grim State

His unique style and mesmerizing paintings began reaching new audiences in shows and galleries throughout Texas, and eventually expanded to private and public collections throughout the nation.

When Eric relocated to San Antonio, Texas, he discovered LiftFund and the Women’s Business Center’s Art Tank program. He soon applied and was accepted to the program, which featured eight weeks of in-depth workshops, roundtables and networking opportunities.

“I recognized the names of most of the program’s presenting artists and experts, and I knew it would be helpful to get an inside look of the art world from a gallery’s perspective,” he said.

Through the program, Eric was able to visit and speak with industry experts, and past Art Tank graduates. Through the courses and speakers, he was able to learn more about the grant writing processes, business plans, and tax strategies that help creative businesses grow. 

As the founder and owner of Breish Fine Art Studio, Eric plans to continue working with the WBC staff and hopes to refer the program to younger local artists who are looking to learn more about possible creative careers.

“I’d recommend the WBC as a place where people can find education and talk to other professionals for free, which is beneficial to any entrepreneur, but especially artists,” Eric said.

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