LiftFund’s WBC: Salon Owner Finds Small Business Resources, Growth

Adrienne Velazquez, a professional hair stylist with more than 20 years of experience, was working in a San Antonio-based salon when she learned of an opportunity to buy a local shop and make it her own.

Despite her lack of management experience, Adrienne soon bought the space and reopened it as Joyez Beauty Salon. Adrienne knew that she needed help to run a successful business, so she was grateful when a church member referred her to the LiftFund Women’s Business Center (WBC).

“I wanted to grow my business and take it to the next level,” said Adrienne, who attributes her salon’s success to WBC Director Margot Slosson. “Margot connected me with the LiftFund lending team and suggested that I take a business course at the WBC.”

After her first WBC class, Adrienne enrolled in the LiftFund Women’s Business Accelerator (WBA), an 8-week program that helped her to develop confidence in her financial abilities and management skills. The WBA program also helped her to establish professional boundaries, work toward a business revenue point, and create incentives for employee education.

The WBC also connected her with LiftFund, where she was able to secure a loan to update her salon with environmentally-friendly business features. Today, Adrienne employs four stylists and expects to add three additional stylists as she expands her business in 2018.

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