Free Business Tools for Entrepreneurs

Running your business is a challenge, but there are tools that can assist you with all aspects of your operations and make things easier. Luckily, quite a few of these tools are free and all that’s required for accessibility is internet access. There are tons out there, but we’ve compiled a few that we think are worth your while.

Google Keyword Planner

Take control of your website traffic with Google Keyword Planner. To get more visitors to your site, you will need to determine what keywords are useful and essential for your company and your competitors. Search engine optimization is a great way to grow your business, and with this handy tool, you can do just that!


Financial matters, matter! When it comes to your business, it can be difficult to keep up with an excel sheet, and with Wave, you don’t have to. You can link your bank accounts, automate your invoicing and transactions, and make use of the billing and reporting feature. What’s better is that all of this is free so you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank on top of speaking with the bank.


Start connecting your business to your target audience with emails you create from MailChimp. You don’t have to know code or be a designer to send beautifully worked emails that can really show off your brand and send your message. Plus, you get the added bonus of seeing the performance of your emails with analytics reports so you can see what’s worth continuing and what’s worth ousting.


Let the world be your oyster! No, scratch that. Let the world be your office! Thanks to Grasshopper, you can recieve voicemails, faxes and take calls anywhere without the limits of being glued to your office desk. You get to pick your number, create your greeting and add teams with multiple extensions. Say goodbye to those landlines!

Take advantage of all the tools that are available to you. In a fast paced world, help is in the palm of your hand and just a click away. For more free business resources and tools, visit LifFund.