LiftFund Gets Organic Fast Food Business Off The Ground

Chef Cynthia Nevels is the proud owner of Soulgood, an organic, fast-food business in Dallas, but she insists that the health of her family especially her son Tyler, is her biggest accomplishment to date.

When Tyler’s health suddenly deteriorated in 2010, Cynthia was driven to create healthy, plant-based meals that looked and tasted like “normal carnivore foods,” but would make Tyler feel better. The family soon relocated to Dallas, and Cynthia visited LiftFund for business help.

“LiftFund has always been there for support, and I always refer people to LiftFund for funding,” she said.

Cynthia launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise cash as leverage for a loan with LiftFund, which allowed her to open a Soulgood pop-up shop at the Dallas Farmer’s Market in 2013.

Today, Cynthia runs a Soulgood food truck that shares her organic, vegan and vegetarian dishes and snacks with others. She credits LiftFund with helping her reach families throughout her community and soon, across the country.

“I’m proud that I get to have fun doing something that I love so much, and it is something good that helps people. I only hope [that I am able] to do it on a national level,” Cynthia said.

LiftFund is proud to offer opportunities to entrepreneurs and business owners alike. Our goal is to provide the business resources, tools and loans to make as big of an impact as possible. We’re to lift businesses when they need it!