Texas Small Business Rebuild Initiative benefits Harvey-affected businesses

LiftFund is proud to partner with Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses and the Rebuild Texas Fund to launch the Texas Small Business Rebuild Initiative, a $7 million micro loan program to help place small businesses along the Texas Gulf Coast on the path to recovery following the devastation of Hurricane Harvey.

“Texas would not be where it is today without our small businesses, which is why it is so crucial that we help restore what has been lost due to Hurricane Harvey,” said Governor Abbott. “Working together, we will rebuild our small businesses, restore pride in our communities, and get Texas back on track. I look forward to the success of this new initiative, and I thank all of our partners for their commitment to helping small businesses in Texas as we work to rebuild stronger than before.”

Through this initiative, LiftFund will provide small business loans up to $25,000 at 0% interest to assist Texas small business owners in the recovery and rebuilding of their operations following the catastrophic storm.

The Texas Small Business Rebuild Initiative will benefit small businesses like Nuksy’s Fine Catering, owned by Chef Yolanda Henry. Yolanda’s full service catering business was severely impacted by Harvey. Her location flooded, ruining her equipment and her inventory and forcing her to look for a new location. With the initiative’s support, Yolanda was able to receive a loan to secured a new location near downtown Houston, purchase new equipment and expand her business by introducing new services.

More than 800,000 small businesses like Yolanda’s were damaged by Hurricane Harvey, and LiftFund is honored to distribute recovery loans to small businesses in need. With financial help and business support, we can rebuild the small business backbone of the Texas coast!

To learn more, visit liftfundstage.wpengine.com/hurricane-relief-resources .