5 Marketing Tips For 2018

As business owners, you have to choose where to spend your time and then monitor those actions to see if there is a return on investment. Marketing your business is one of those areas that deserves a significant amount of time. After reviewing marketing trends, we are sharing 5 marketing tips for 2018.

Choose to invest in live events.
Live events are still some of the most effective marketing channels. You can design your events to bring existing customers, potential new customers, and the media all together at once. Set goals for the event and make the messaging super easy for attendees to share.

Analyze the data. Data strategies are not a new thing. There’s just so much more data business owners have or have access to in order to adjust marketing efforts. Gather and analyze your company’s consumer insights and integrate it with social media and website analytics for more reliable and accurate data. Once you can identify a key factor that separates your consumers from each other, you can begin to target services and create products for specific groups.

Invest in influencer marketing. Content marketing has been a strong marketing strategy for a while now. One of the challenges is that every brand with a website has a blog for content which contributes to over-saturation. One way around this is to partner with influencers who have already built an audience via their own blog, YouTube channel, Instagram account, etc., and allow them to share your message for you.

Revisit your distribution strategy. Are you still reaching your customers via email or social media? Do you know which mediums are generating your strongest leads? Ask yourself and your team questions like these to determine if your distribution strategy is on point for 2018. Don’t be afraid of using A/B testing to pinpoint the right strategy.

Explore new technology. The thing about using technology is that there’s always something new. Artificial intelligence, voice-optimized content, and augmented reality are a few technologies that are rising quickly. The most common way artificial intelligence is being integrated is through chat bots on websites. Voice-optimized content is growing because of devices like Google Home and Alexa. Augmented reality will become more popular with the release of the new iPhones. Explore what could work for your business.

A few important points to remember about marketing strategies is to begin with a plan and be consistent. If you need help to create and integrate your marketing plan, our LiftFund team can help you.