Our Impact

  • Pauline Herrera

    Liftfund helps create jobs. For every new business Liftfund lends to, 1.6 jobs are created or sustained.

  • Shreveport - Thomas Goode

    Liftfund’s goal? Self-sufficiency and success for all who want it.

  • Austin - April Kilng

    Expanding opportunity. Liftfund’s small business loans strengthen communities.

  • Tennessee - GavinONeill

    Liftfund builds pathways to success.

  • Brownsville - Jose Hernandez

    Big numbers, big impact. Since 1994: 15,043 loans made, $180 million disbursed.

“Small business is the engine of the U.S. economy.”

We’ve heard variations of this statement for years.  And it is TRUE!  The economic impact of small businesses is profound:  $11 trillion a year, according to the most recent figures available from the U.S. Small Business Administration. The SBA reports that 99.7 percent of ALL employer firms are small businesses!  So the chances are good that you, your family and your friends work for small enterprises.  There are almost 30 million small businesses in America and they employ nearly 57 million people.  The vast majority of these firms employ five or fewer workers.  In fact, the most recent SBA study reports that 78.5 percent of small businesses don’t have any employees at all – they are sole proprietors.

Secondly, self-employment is often the only way for men and women to provide for their families.  But starting and sustaining a small business is hard work – and there are often enormous obstacles that keep people from succeeding.  Helping them get over the hurdles helps everybody along the way:  from your own family to your neighbor’s to your town, your state your country.  In other words, helping small businesses to thrive is like a “chain reaction” that makes America’s economic engine run smoothly and effectively.

We’re proud to say that LiftFund’s mission is to help the most vulnerable people in our society who are striving for a better life.  They need access to capital, education and a support system to realize their potential and increase their chances for success.  We provide those things.  And we take great pride — and joy — in the results.

We help small businesses

Since we opened our first office in San Antonio with three employees in 1994, we have helped thousands of people achieve the financial stability and growth they so richly deserve as a result of their vision and hard work.  We’ve made more than 16,000 loans totaling more than $190 million.  And we’ve grown to include lending in eight states – enabling us to reach more and more people with each passing year.

We have worked with every kind of business imaginable, from Mom-and-Pop restaurants and corner stores to clothing boutiques and flower shops – and everything in between!  These are the businesses that are part of our daily lives.  We often take it for granted that they are there, waiting to serve us and provide us with the products and services we need.  But most would not be there without a helping hand and many would have given up without resources.  Every small business owner started with a vision and had to find ways to achieve it.

Meaningful and Measurable Impact

Organizations like ours have made a real difference at the most local level AND in terms of a meaningful and measurable national impact.

It’s a mission the LiftFund team embraces each day. What we do is rewarding beyond words.  And knowing we are helping at the grassroots level in the communities we serve is a blessing and an honor.