Orlander Glenn “O.G.” Johnson

Orlander has had his share of struggles. After falling on hard times as a young man, he became determined to change his life and start his own business to provide for himself.  A friend taught him how to make jewelry, so in 2013 they launched a jewelry startup together.  While their business didn’t succeed, Orlander took his skills and the lessons he learned and rebranded the business.  He opened Urban Stylez, a clothing and jewelry store that he hoped would appeal to a wider audience. 

Unfortunately, like many small businesses, Orlander had trouble maintaining a steady cash flow.  At the recommendation of a friend and LiftFund client, he reached out to LiftFund for a small business loan. Although Orlander had mastered his jewelry making and business skills, he needed help with his financial skills.  His Business Development Officer helped him develop his own bookkeeping, enabling him to properly manage and record the business’ monthly income and expenses.  After developing a better understanding of his business finances, Orlander received a loan to purchase inventory and boost his business.  Over the course of two loans with LiftFund, he improved his credit score and was recently able to qualify for a loan with a local bank.

“LiftFund is a tremendous help to people serious about getting on their feet.  They gave me a chance when nobody else would,” said Orlander. “They believed in me.”