Dr. Martha Manquero-Butler

When Martha started her journey as a doctor at Texas Tech El Paso’s residency program over 15 years ago, she saw constant barriers placed upon the elderly accessing health care. During her three year residency, she visited patients where they were versus them coming to a clinic.

In 2009, with the support of her family and some savings she launched New Light Primary Care focused on geriatrics. With a great track record, Martha and her team have brought the art and science of house calls back to El Paso.

With her experience and expertise came growing pains; when Martha started in 2010 she was a family business of three. In 2017 Martha’s practice employed 30 employees and was an 800+ patient provider.

That’s when the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce referred her to LiftFund. After much preparation Martha received an SBA 504 loan from LiftFund and First Light Federal Credit Union, a loan that helps small businesses grow their wealth through land and heavy equipment purchases and improvements.

With a new building and an amazing team, she is ready to help El Paso serve the elderly more. “I want to go further and serve more people,” she said. Her goal is to share best practices and experiences with doctors and the next generation of practitioners on how to treat elderly patients at the comfort of their homes to improve their quality of life and reduce medical expenses. “God has given me the opportunity to start something, and I want to complete it. I want to give hope to people that are homebound.”