Marcela Freeman

Fitness has always been a part of Marcela’s life. She realized her passion for fitness because of the positive impact it makes on people both physically and mentally, so she decided to pursue her dream and become a certified personal trainer. 

Marcela began to surround herself with fitness experts who inspired her to start her own company, renting a space from a local gym. She launched “Burn it in 30,” an exclusive program created to help women lose weight, achieve the body of their dreams and most importantly, to help them live a more balanced life.

“When I began to live a balanced life, I knew I was ready to help other women make the changes they need to love themselves,” said Marcela.

Marcela joined the Women’s Business Accelerator Program hosted by LiftFund and its Women’s Business Center, where she enhanced her business skills and received mentorship opportunities to build her business and confidence. After the program, Marcela felt ready to take her business to the next level.

With support from LiftFund, she secured the capital she needed to open her own gym,  purchase equipment, supplies, and cover marketing expenses to promote the grand opening.

At her new facility, Marcela has built a community of women seeking to live a healthier lifestyle. Her loyal clientele is supported by a team of expert coaches who continue to develop fitness programs to meet their needs. 

“It takes discipline, dedication and self-love to stick with a healthy lifestyle. There are absolutely no limits but the ones we place on ourselves,” said Marcela.

Marcela’s goal is to turn Burn It In 30 into a franchise someday. She attributes much of her success to the guidance she received from LiftFund and her clients who inspire her every day.