Mauro Leja

Mauro Leija always had a dream to own his own business but was unsure know the steps he’d take to start one that would build children’s lives for decades.

Like many of us, Mauro had a business idea, but he took the next step and worked hard to take his idea into action. He took time to learn and build a plan to make Study Hall Daycare Center a reality. As he started his business, he couldn’t find a place that would provide him capital and that is when he found LiftFund.

“LiftFund and their CEO Janie Barrera have always been very receiving. They didn’t judge me. I went to other places and they laughed at me. Other places would tell me that it was impossible. LiftFund bought into my dream. They said, ‘We see it. We’ll take a chance.’ They did,” recalls Mauro.

20 years ago Mauro received a LiftFund loan to move his daycare from a residential home to a commercial building. Today, he is still running his business and serves hundreds of kids daily.

“It’s simple with LiftFund. It’s a great program. I tell people to just go in and meet them. With LiftFund, you can do it. I’m lucky to be a part of something like this.”