Linh Odom

Linh Odom has always had a passion for beauty and a hard work ethic. As an experienced and passionate manicurist, she didn’t want to work for anyone else. In 2008, she decided to open Kosmo Nail & Hair Salon, as a young entrepreneur. Her client and First Community Bankbanker referred her to LiftFund, where she received the capital she needed to open her business. As demand for her services grew, she secured additional funds to expand her business and introduce additional services.

“Without LiftFund, I would not have been able to expand,” reflected Linh.

After 11 years in business, Linh has built Kosmo Nail & Hair Salon into full beauty salon, employing a team of over 30talented technicians and serving a loyal clientele that feels like family.

For Linh, her son Kane is her inspiration to work hard everyday. She wants to provide a better future for him and show him with hard work anything is possible. As she looks to the future, her dream is to own her business property and build her salon from the grown up, a business that she can proudly call her own.