Dahlia Salinas Martinez

Dahlia Salinas Martinez grew up watching her parents successfully run hair styling businesses.But it wasn’t until years later, when her own daughter, Jacqueline, opened a hair salon that Dahlia was inspired to follow in her family’s entrepreneurial footsteps. Together, the mother-daughter team dreamed of opening a single space that would allow customers to enjoy salon services and shop.

When a boutique space opened up next door to Jacqueline’s salon, Dahlia took over the lease and with support from LiftFund, she purchased inventory to launch The Blue Dahlia-a store for quality clothing, jewelry and home décor. “I had previously tried going into the bank for a loan, but the business was brand new and there was no funding out there for me.But LiftFund did save me,” shared Dahlia.

After years of hard work, Dahlia and Jacqueline incorporated their businesses and rebranded the Blue Dahlia as the combined salon and boutique space they dreamed of. LiftFund was there to help them with additional funding to sustain their business growth.

Like many Texas businesses affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Blue Dahlia was forced to temporarily close its doors in March 2020. Dahlia and Jacqueline worked hard to find relief support, which allowed them to reopen the shop in May.

Through the pandemic, the family renewed their commitment to both their company and community. Dahlia and Jacqueline are currently preparing to expand the boutique in a new direction with apparel and accessories that promote outdoor living, and will team up with local schools to support natural science initiatives. Dahlia is proud of her resilient business and hopes to leave her loved ones a legacy of meaningful social connections, faith and a dedication to community. “The business is a family thing. It’s something that we’re all proud of, something we’ve accomplished as a family, together,” shared Dahlia.