David Lara

For David, cutting hair is more than a service, it’s an art. He spent years working as a popular stylist for local salons and barber shops, so when he opened his own business, his clients were eager to follow. 

At Southtown Barbers, David and his staff work hard to provide a welcoming atmosphere, quality cuts and styling, and impeccable service. “This work has always been very important to me, it’s a way to help others. What we do is an art; we are helping people look and feel great inside and out,” said David.  

After several years of growth, he approached LiftFund. Through the City of San Antonio’s Buydown Program, a partnership with the City of San Antonio and LiftFund, David received financial support to secure a bigger space for his business. David continued hiring new stylists and increasing his clientele through word-of-mouth until COVID-19 forced him to close its doors in March.  

“If I could give advice, it would be to build a foundation first, even before you start paying yourself. Things like COVID-19 will rock your business left and right. I never did pay myself when I first opened the business, I was preparing for something unseen, like this. But if you have a strong foundation — money saved, strong support from customers and employees — you’re going to be just fine.” 

The shop recently reopened with new safety standards in place and a limited appointment schedule to guarantee the staff and customers’ safety. As David adapts his business to cope with unprecedented challenges, he continues to work towards his goal of securing his own building for Southtown Barbers, a more luxurious space for clients.