Charles Story Jr.

Charles Story always dreamed of becoming entrepreneur. Inspired by the opportunity to merge his passion for mentoring and gaming, he launched Game oN, a space where kids and young adults can drop in and play games on various systems like PlayStation, Xbox, virtual reality, and more. Charles came up with the business idea while he and his son were playing a video game at home. He saw the potential, but traditional banks were not willing to lend him enough funds to make his vision a reality.

Charles tapped into his savings and pitched his idea to investors who were skeptical that gaming would never be a long lasting venture. A friend and business owner referred him to LiftFund. With support from LiftFund, Charles was able to create the perfect business model for Game oN and open a second store in his community, Memphis, Tennessee.

“LiftFund really came through for me then because that (funding) allowed me to get that working capital, get the games I needed and, we just took off from that point on,” reflected Charles.

After four years in business, Charles is proud to be able to pay himself and hire employees. Now, with his vision a reality, other cities are interested in helping Charles replicate his concept.

However, as an entrepreneur and father, Charles is most proud that his business is a safe space for kids and young adults, where he can “educate through gaming.”