LiftFund Helps Expand Unique Toddler Shoe Business

For Yolandra Rodgers, the success of her business, Tippy Tot Shoes was more than just an accomplishment.

Her story began after a trip to the doctor, when Yolandra was concerned that her daughter was taking longer than usual to learn to walk. The doctor recommended getting hard-bottom shoes for extra support. However, these shoes were not the easiest to come by, and didn’t offer as many options and styles as she was hoping for. This struggle, lead Yolanda to take matters into her own hands.

With her entrepreneurial spirit and some advice from her mother, Yolanda kick started her idea into a full time online business. When she needed to attain extra capital to grow her online business, she had trouble getting help from the bank.

“I went to bank after bank after bank, and still met with rejection,” she said. “There are more women tapping into small business than any other group, more so African-American women, and it’s a real challenge to get working capital.”

That’s when Yolanda found LiftFund. LiftFund offered her a small business loan and additional support that enabled Yolanda to get what she needed to expand her business for the world to see. Now four years later, Yolanda has plans to open a brick and mortar store where shoppers can see more of what she has to offer.

When you need an extra lift to achieve your goals, LiftFund is here for you. Check out our free online business tools, financial templates, and apply for a small business loan today.