LiftFund Helps Small Business Take On Larger Projects

With help from LiftFund, Willie Woods made his dream of launching and expanding a commercial and residential painting business a reality.

Beginning in 1972, Willie worked hard to establish a reputation for Willie Woods as a reliable company within his local business community. This helped him expand his staff and allowed him to bring his son in on the action.

In 2017, Willie was awarded a contract with the Shelby County government, a big job for him. However, this opportunity required Willie obtain additional capital before taking on the job. Luckily, the City of Memphis decided to give him a hand by referring him to LiftFund for help!

“LiftFund was a lifesaver,” Willie said. “I’m grateful for them, because I had nowhere else to turn [for help].”

With his loan from LiftFund, Willie was able to hire new staffers, cover upfront costs, and help maintain the business’ cash flow, all while completing his contracted job.

Today, Willie’s once small business has expanded into a big team taking on larger than life jobs and contracts.

LiftFund is proud to offer opportunities to entrepreneurs and business owners alike. Our goal is to provide the business resources, tools and loans to make as big of an impact as possible. We’re here to lift businesses when they need it the most!