Azteca Mexican Candy: In The Business Of Sweet Treats

Azteca Mexican Candy is truly a family business, now run by its second-generation owner, Edinson Arenas. Edinson’s father, Jose Antonio, started the business – importing and reselling Mexican candies – in 2007, but soon realized he could increase the business profits by making his own candy.

The family took multiple trips to Mexico to learn about the culture and process behind traditional Mexican candy, also known as dulce. Their cultural experiences gave them the determination they needed to distinguish themselves from competitors and bring quality hand-crafted, homemade Mexican candy to the United States.


“When we realized we needed more equipment to handle our growth… We decided we needed a loan,” Edinson said. He was unable to secure a loan from traditional lending sources, but LiftFund provided Edinson with the capital needed to purchase new equipment and meet the company’s increasing demand.

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