Lifelong Journey Leads to Storytelling Success

LiftFund_EzellWinfieldJr_McKinneyM_02_2016_“I’ve been preparing for this journey all my life, on purpose,” is how Winfield Ezell describes becoming a small business owner. Winfield’s dream is to impact people in a positive way, and when he discovered his gift of storytelling, he knew that was how he was going to make a difference.

An independent contractor for most of his career, Winfield knew the time had come to start his own business when he placed first in the Delta Regional Pitch Competition and immediately saw demand for his storytelling services. His LiftFund loan was directly responsible for jump-starting his business by providing him with the capital he needed to purchase equipment, hire staff, and manage marketing efforts.

Today, Winfield is producing and directing original programming, web series, short films, TV pilots, music videos, and new and interactive media. Bringing the principles of television and film to the internet sets Obsidian Creative Studios apart in a saturated industry.

With the help of LiftFund, Winfield has been able to bring his love of storytelling to build a thriving business that helps bring out the stories, beauty, and creativity of like-minded artists of all ages in his community. Obsidian’s mission to create and urban-influenced productions targeted to a multi-cultural audience has already led Winfield to film two movies.

LiftFund is proud to offer so many opportunities to entrepreneurs and business owners alike. Our goal is to provide the business resources, the business tools, and business loans to make as big of an impact as possible. Sometimes businesses just need a lift, and that is why we exist.