Entrepreneur Takes Philanthropic Approach to Her Business

The holiday season is here and giving as at the top of everyone’s mind. Entrepreneurs that LiftFund supports give back to their communities in more ways than one. We’ve spoken about the economic impact that small businesses have in communities across the nation, but it takes even more for an entrepreneur to step out of their own busy schedule and do something bigger for the people around them. It’s a story like this that we wanted to highlight.

Iisha Bailey is on a mission to empower women and unleash their inner “warrior” as they battle breast cancer. Her business, The Mastectomy Boutique, focuses on recovery and wellness and provides a welcoming environment for all.

The Mastectomy Boutique was inspired by Iisha’s personal connection to the illness. She worked as a licensed pharmacist for 11 years and lost three family members to cancer.

Initially, she attempted to secure a loan through a bank, but she was denied as her business was considered a startup. Iisha was slightly discouraged, but she didn’t give up. Eventually, she was referred to LiftFund by an SBA representative and was helped with purchasing office equipment and product inventory.

Now Iisha is extending her reach in the community to help other survivors and continuing patients. She’s created a fund to help those affected by cancer receive the necessary items and support.

We’re proud of the business model Iisha has created and the work she’s done for her community. Not only is she managing her business, but Iisha is ensuring that as many people are helped by her growing fund as possible. 

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