Business Perks Up Community with Coffee Offerings


Nothing warms you up on a chilly day better than a hot cup of coffee. While some major national brands can be found on just about any street corner, it’s the local brewers and coffee shops that truly share the culture and vibe of the communities they serve. Local shops like Casa de Cafe in Brownsville, Texas go beyond just the coffee shop experience, they look to make you feel at home…literally.

Angelita, owner of Casa de Cafe, is always ready to spill the beans – metaphorically and literally at her cafe in Brownsville, Texas. A shop tradition is greeting each customer with a warm, “Welcome home!,” further establishing the shop as a second home instead of your average coffee stop. What better place to pick up a hot drink and put up your feet before you start your busy day, or maybe as a respite from the office life?

Angelita’s Casa de Café serves classic coffee concoctions and pastries, but that’s not all they offer. Depending on which day you walk in, you might be treated to some live entertainment. Angelita’s Casa de Café regularly hosts local musicians, poets, theater acts and more.

The shop was a labor of love for Angelita and her husband, Martin Leal, both are soon to be retired teachers. As they plan to settle into their retirement years, the Leals wanted to open a space for the community. LiftFund secured funding for the Leals to begin their journey as baristas and business owners. Now, their only concern is perfecting their latte skills.

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