Entrepreneur Grows Houston Doggy Daycare Business

Debra Sullivan started her company, Jackson’s Place Dog Daycare, after a series of unfortunate events. She endured two unexpected work mergers and layoffs before she filed for bankruptcy – all within a few years.

After the bankruptcy, Debra decided to rebuild her life and open a small business that would allow her to focus on the positive and uplifting experiences she had working with dogs.

Debra found there were limited options for 24/7, cage-free dog care in the Houston area. Through her combined passion for animals and endless research, she opened Jackson’s Place;— a one-of-a-kind cage free pet resort and dog bakery – in 2014.

When her business outgrew its original location a few years later, she was referred to LiftFund by her accountant for a loan to make the property dog friendly. Through an approved LiftFund loan, Debra was able to purchase equipment and marketing materials to expand her business.

Debra plans to eventually pass on the business to her son, John, who is already involved in day-to-day operations.

“It will be his and his family’s, and I hope it continues on,” she said.

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