Top 10 Apps for Entrepreneurs

December 16th, 2014

Top 10 Apps for EntrepreneursTime is money. Time is something hard working entrepreneurs must manage with precision. Streamlining processes, finding more effective ways to get things done, eliminating time wasters, and being able to know what’s going on at all times. Whether you’re a solo-preneur, or an entrepreneur with an office staff, it’s important to remain connected and informed on what is happening with your business. Modern day mobile devices, phone and tablets, have made it very easy to get all the information we need. While some may see it as a fault since so many of us are glued to our devices regardless of job title, it’s still a key resource in ensuring that things are getting done and that you’ve not missed vital messages that need to be handled.

A recent Inc. article highlighted these top 10 apps for entrepreneurs. While these apps are great, we’d love to hear what else you’re using to keep your business running while you’re on the go.

WinStreak (For Apple / For Android)
This app is all about goal setting. Set up three goals for today, for tomorrow, and track your success. Make sure you accomplish what matters most.

Venmo (For iPhone / For Android)
This app offers a completely free way to send payments securely, with no limits. It’s an alternative to PayPal and is reportedly quicker.

TripIt (For iPhone / For Android)
This app is like having a travel agent with you at all times. When you’re going a thousand directions, this app keeps track of your itinerary and keeps you organized while you travel.

Box (For iPhone / For Android)
Storing your files in the cloud gives you quick access to the latest updates to key files. This app allows you to keep real-time track of how projects are progressing.

The list continues with apps to help you organize items you fine online, on-the-go invoicing, and tracking analytics for your website.

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