We’re here for you!

The past few weeks have been uncertain and difficult and we sincerely hope you and all of your loved ones are healthy and safe.  We know that community keeps us going during these trying times. 

We are grateful to each of you and we are here for you every step of the way. 

Things are changing daily, and we know this has affected your business in many ways so we are offering services and loans to support you during these challenging times. 

If you are in need of immediate consultation and would like support in planning and forecasting please contact us on our website. 

If you are in need of capital, do not hesitate to connect with us to discuss your options and contact us via our website at liftfund.com or call our main line 888.215.2373. 

We are moving all our seminars online for the next 60 days you can access them and register via Eventbrite and go to webinar here at liftfund.com/events. 

Here are resources for your business:

SBA Disaster Loan website:

Here is SBA’s resource forCOVID-19 and small businesses

Center for Disease Control and Prevention COVID 19 Site:

Credit Bureaus’ Responses to COVID-19:
https://mcusercontent.com/7c81d80d7762c8bf04f36ce32/files/7bce8e24-1844-4e65-9c5c c3163199974c/Coronavirus_The_Credit_Bureaus_Response.pdf

Mark Cuban’s interview on how SB should manage during COVID-19