Julio Cesar Martinez

January 17th, 2013


“We wouldn’t be who we are right now,” says Julio Cesar Martinez, LiftFund client and owner of M&M Striping & Power Washing LLC, about his hypothetical life without the loan. “We were able to purchase equipment and grow.”

A returning client, Julio’s 2013 large loan of $250,000 took LiftFund past the $150 million mark in total loans disbursed since our inception – and we included him in a newspaper advertisement touting that fact.

Julio started his carpet and pressure washing and post-construction cleanup business with the help of LiftFund in 1998.  A $3,500 loan allowed him to provide contract cleaning services for 121 local stores – eventually growing to a client base of more than 500.  Today, his business is a $2.3 million dollar enterprise in San Antonio and is expected to hit the $5 million mark in 2014.  He employs nearly 50 workers and at times even more, depending on his client load.

His company works with the Texas Department of Transportation, Zachry Corporation, Bartlett Cocke and many other general contractors in the area.  The company is responsible for maintaining clean parking lots, streets, roads and airways for these contracted companies.

He credits the trust he has in LiftFund’s staff and singled out Business Advisor Mario Riojas, Loan Processor Laura Martinez and Executive Vice President Texas Market/Large Loan Adrian Gonzalez for believing in him and the business.  Julio says, “LiftFund did believe in me and made it possible to purchase items for my business and create another opportunity to continue to push the business further and further.  And by having this capital I was able to create 50-plus jobs for the San Antonio community.  That is opportunity.”