Impact Women Owned

Small Business. Big Impact. 

We are proud of our clients who add vibrancy to our communities while creating a pathway to prosperity for themselves, their families and their employees. 


At LiftFund 86% of our clients are entrepreneurs of color, 40% are women and 26% are startups contributing to the local economy and making a difference in their communities. 


Read about our clients’ entrepreneurial journey and get inspired by their passion, commitment and resiliency. 


Mona & Erik Saenz

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Mona Saenz never dreamed of leaving her successful corporate career. After surviving a near-death experience due to her autoimmune disease, Mona found herself with a new dream and passion for a new business.

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Mareli Demarchi Flores

Framboyant Learning Center

Mareli Demarchi Flores, owner of Framboyant Learning Center in McAllen, embodies the American Dream. She grew up in Jaragua Do Sul– a small farming town in Brazil– where she dreamed of becoming a teacher in America. According to Mareli, everyone in her hometown pulled together as a community.

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Carolina Muñoz

Berenice’s Kids

At Berenice’s Kids of McAllen, the right dress can transform everyday events into memorable celebrations. Despite its success, this children’s formal wear boutique struggles like many other fledgling businesses burdened by the weight of conventional bank loans.

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Women Owned

Eugenia Alonso

Royal Piaget Academy

Eugenia Alonso was a licensed child psychologist in Mexico where she owned a learning center and taught young children from the age of 1 to 4 years old. She enjoyed impacting the lives of young children and was experiencing great success; however, her own children went to school in the United States and the traveling back and forward took time away from her job and family.

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Ebony Harris

In Good Hands Learning Center

Ebony Harris has a special way with children — it’s a gift. She thought about pursuing a career as a pediatric nurse, but that didn’t appeal to her entrepreneurial spirit. Instead, in 2015, set her sights on opening a childcare center, where she could educate, support, and influence kids.

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Jane S. Gonzalez


Jane dreamed of leaving behind a successful corporate job out of state to devote her life to helping others, but she didn’t know where to start. When her brother and sister-in-law shared their dream of launching a local medical equipment company to help save lives, Jane knew she wanted to be part of it. Together, the three entrepreneurs opened MedWheels in 2005.

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