Yanbin Che

Yanbin Che grew up in the mountain village of Anxi Fujian, which many refer to as the “tea capital of China,” where for many families in the region, tea farming is a source of sustenance, culture and tradition.

When Yanbin moved to the US, she wanted to share her love and knowledge of tea with what she hoped would be an open and accepting customer base. However, upon entry Yabin experienced a few challenges, as she discovered that large retailers didn’t offer the traditional handmade tea that she was familiar with. To learn more about the differences in tea culture between the US and China, a friend introduced her to Facebook groups. Yanbin quickly connected with fellow tea-lovers and started selling her tea online.

Yanbin lost a large portion of her customer base in the first part of 2020 due to the Covid- 19 pandemic. The LiftFund team guided her through the lending process and provided the support she needed to keep her business afloat. Eager to make use of all LiftFund’s available resources, Yanbin registered for online classes to further her business knowledge.

Equipped with a solid network and resources, Yanbin hopes to reach more people with her business and expand her business model, while continue sharing her passion for traditional handmade tea with her community and loyal customers.