Valorie Anne Reynolds

Valorie Anne Reynolds is the proud owner of Chica Verde, a vintage home décor shop in San Antonio, Texas, with a niche in outdoor décor that features Texas plants. Chica Verde’s mission is to “bring a bit of warmth and green” into the life of its customers, who are the center of the business.

As an entrepreneur with limited business education, Valorie lacked the traditional business acumen of many of her competitors. However, her tenacity and genuine passion for her business leveled the playing field. Prior to launching Chica Verde, she had a variety of small businesses, including another retail store in El Paso, Texas.

Determined to avoid previous mistakes and apply her learnings to Chica Verde, Valorie reached out to LiftFund for support. LiftFund helped her gain the funding – and the confidence – she needed to grow sustainably.

When the COVID-19 pandemic forced her to temporarily close her brick-and-mortar location in the spring of 2020, LiftFund was there with emergency funding to help her implement new ways of doing business. Despite the challenges, Valorie adapted quickly, which resulted in a significant increase of deliveries and curbside pickup sales.

In the future, Valorie hopes to further diversify her inventory by offering more plants and attending more artisan markets. As a thrifting and vintage goods fanatic, she hopes that Chica Verde will be the go-to place for home décor items that reflect the personalities and passions of its customers.