Unoma Okorafor

Unoma Okorafor is the founder and CEO of Herbal Goodness, a manufacturer of premium quality organic superfood and herb products in the form of dietary supplements, herbal teas, and powders that naturally support healthy living. 

Okorafor was inspired to start Herbal Goodness in 2013. As a native of West Africa, she’d grown up eating fresh, organic fruits such as mangoes and papayas daily, but during her pregnancy for her third child, Okorafor discovered that these superfoods were replaced by genetically modified fruits in stores. She decided to share her passion for healthy living with others and launched her first product, the papaya leaf tea. Now, Herbal Goodness supports social welfare initiatives and is heavily involved in causes such as gender equality.

Okorafor first started working with the Women’s Business Center in March of 2021. Through the Women Business Enterprise National Council, which she’d been a member of since 2015, she found out about the WBC’s Pitch Competition, applied, and won third place. She also participated in the Women of Color Shaping the Future conference and is currently working with a Women’s Business Center (WBC) mentor.

“Before visiting with the WBC, I was overwhelmed by the responsibilities of the business. The day-to-day running did not allow me the time to develop strategies to grow the business. Having a WBC coach and business guide has been extremely helpful. What I have discovered is that working with an experienced coach is invaluable. My WBC coach has owned and managed several businesses in the past and is in a position to give valuable insight and objective advice. In an entrepreneurial journey that can sometimes feel lonely, being able to discuss wins, strategies, opportunities, and challenges with someone who is not biased or immersed in the day-to-day running of my business has been immensely rewarding and impactful for my business.” – Unoma Okorafor

Okorafor has been inspired to continue the work that she does because of the impact she has had, and hopes to have, on women and girls around the world. She hopes to help educate and empower girls in Africa, support female farmers, and demonstrate that women who take time off from their careers to grow their families are capable of returning to work effectively and efficiently. 

In the future, Okorafor plans to grow Herbal Goodness aggressively by leveraging unique opportunities and establishing an international presence. She hopes to see Herbal Goodness become a household brand and a top-three manufacturer of herbal supplements in the country.

“I would highly recommend the WBC to anyone who is a small business owner and wants to grow their business. WBC offers numerous programs to support women-owned businesses, mostly free. They are genuinely interested in seeing women succeed and grow and will do everything they can to provide the resources needed,” Okorafor said.