Tenisha Rasul

Tenisha enjoyed a career in finance while helping her husband, a driver operator, with his business. Inspired by providing more for her family and hoping to ease her husband’s time on the road, she decided to open Pak Fair Logistics in 2013, a transportation and logistics services company in Houston, Texas.

Tenisha is proud to be a female entrepreneur in a male dominated industry, especially because she knows the trucking industry is critical to the country’s economy and understands that a successful logistics business requires strong back end management, compliance and driver safety, all of which comes easy to her.

After Hurricane Harvey’s devastating impact, Pak Fair Logistics was in need of a new flatbed trailer. However, the hurricane caused routes to slow to nearly a complete halt for few months affecting her income and taking a toll on the business; that’s when Tenisha’s CPA referred her to LiftFund.

LiftFund worked with Tenisha to get her business back on its feet and add a new flatbed through a disaster relief loan. Today, Pak Fair Logistics employs ten full time employees, including Tenisha’s husband who no longer drives and now supports her with the business’ operations. Tenisha is proud of her business, which allows her to provide for her family and spend more time together.

“The business allows me to support my family,” said Tenisha.