Mona & Erik Saenz

Mona Saenz never dreamed of leaving her successful corporate career. After surviving a near-death experience due to her autoimmune disease, Mona found herself with a new dream and passion for a new business.

Though she felt devastated at not being able to return to work, Mona rejected applying for disability. Instead, she and her husband Erik opened EOB Essential Oils Bracelet, creating and selling the natural stone jewelry that helped her heal. 

As Mona was building her business, she went through the Women’s Accelerator Program and that’s when the couple began their relationship with LiftFund. With LiftFund’s guidance and a microloan, made possible through a partnership with the City of San Antonio, Mona and Erik evolved the business from their initial boutique approach to a thriving wholesale model. “The team at LiftFund were honest and gave great advice, and we’re so glad they did,” Mona recalled.

Today, Mona and Erik’s goal is to share their story and promote holistic health through their business. They are inspired by giving hope to anyone who may be facing the challenges that they once faced. 

“LiftFund helped us to turn a stumbling block into a stepping stone,” reflected Erik.