Jacob & Jennifer Ramirez

Jacob didn’t image that the first CrossFit gym he would train from would be his own, CrossFit Stamina. His fitness inclination led him to CrossFit and as he started training, he automatically fell in love with it.

As his passion for CrossFit grew he looked into joining a gym, but the closest one was 45 minutes away. With only two CrossFit gyms in the Rio Grande Valley, his plan was to become a certified trainer and teach at one of those gyms. Instead, his wife Jennifer encouraged him to open their own gym in their community.

The couple started training from their one car garage door until they saved some money to move to a small location. They quickly outgrew the space and decided to reach out to LiftFund for support. At LiftFund, they received a microloan to move to a larger space and purchase equipment to be able to serve more members.

“Knowing that you have a company like LiftFund that’s willing to take a risk on small businesses makes a huge difference,” shared Jacob.

For Jacob and Jennifer, 3Cs guide the foundation of CrossFit Stamina: Culture, Community and Commodity. At 120+ active members, they are proud of the family oriented community they have built, especially the positive impact its gym has on people’s lives.

“It’s awesome to know that this small dream of ours plays a role in our community and is part of a bigger picture,” reflected Jennifer.