Guillermo Rodriguez Vasquez

“My dream was to be an engineer when we lived in Mexico, but that took a back seat when we moved here 20 years ago,” said Guillermo Vasquez.  Guillermo has been a small business owner since he moved to the U.S.  The biggest obstacle he and his wife had to overcome when starting their small business was to understand credit and the impact it has on an individual.  During the recession, Guillermo realized he needed a good credit score to secure a better future for his family.  Capital provided by LiftFund helped Guillermo grow Wild West Boots to two locations in the Rio Grande Valley and his stable income allows him to pay for his daughter’s college tuition.

Guillermo has received 4 LiftFund loans for working capital for his business.

He received a $8,000 loan in 2009, a second one in 2011 for $10,000, the third one in 2014 for another $10,000 and his fouth loan in 2015 for $20,000 to purchasing inventory and refinance the previous loan.

We are proud to report that during this journey with LiftFund, Guillermo has improved his credit score and increase his household income and business assets.  

LiftFund is a resource for business owners and entrepreneurs like Guillermo, who are not able to secure business capital through traditional sources. Our our programs and business services strive to reach the underserved and underbanked communities, as well as minorities, veterans, and women.