George Hahn

After years of working with Texas-based water treatment firms, George Hahn decided to follow his passion for clean water and launch his own company — AOS Treatment Solutions — in 1999. George used his existing industry connections and expertise to offer a variety of cost-effective services at AOS, eventually becoming a single-point water treatment source for Houston-area industrial and residential clients.

George’s success drew interest from a group of like-minded young professionals eager to change the water treatment industry. Their enthusiasm led him to training and hiring them as the first AOS employees. As the company continued to expand, George decided it was time to move AOS to a new location with more space for offices and manufacturing.

George found the perfect new location in Cypress, Texas, but he needed financial assistance to make the company’s expansion a reality.

“I approached the Bank of America and was able to get a 504 loan to help expand and develop the company’s facilities,” George said. “The SBA later bought out a portion of the loan and brought on LiftFund to help with the process. From the initial paperwork to the on-site appraisal, the entire process worked seamlessly.”

Thanks to the 504 loan, George was able to build out AOS headquarters to include plentiful warehouse space and renovated offices, with enough room to construct on-site manufacturing facilities in the future. Though COVID-19 disrupted many businesses across Texas, AOS has continued to find success with more than 13 employees and plans to fill new positions in the fall.

Today, the company serves between 200 and 300 customers, including cities and municipal utility districts that serve residential areas. George’s dedication and investment in his team allow him to enjoy more time with his family while his trusted employees oversee the day-to-day operations.

“I’m so grateful for the loan because it allowed me to grow. I hope to return for another 504 loan soon, as we look to build our manufacturing space on the premises.”